If you would like to join
The Purple Hat Society Ladies Tea Group
Ring me at 909-680-7646 or e-mail me at emmasvintageparis@yahoo.com
Yearly dues are $12

The only request I make,
is that you wear a Purple hat to my events.

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Forever Purple

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Purple Hat Society
The Story of My Love of Purple
As far back as I can remember the color purple has been one of my favorite colors, especially jewelry. It has always brought back fond memories of my childhood days. As a young girl I would play with my mother's engagement ring, it was a beautiful amethyst stone. Years later, my mother shared with me that my father could not afford the engagement ring when they were young. It was not until I was about four years old that my father bought it for her. He put the ring with the big purple stone on her finger as I watched, my mother feels that's why I love amethyst. My mother loved purple and lavender so much that she decorated our home in these colors. I remember how happy I would feel in our living room, it had a lavender couch, crisp white curtains and purple accessories. Later as a young woman I read a poem, about a woman who started wearing purple when she became old. The idea of wearing purple sounded like fun. It must have stuck in my mind because when I turned forty, I was painting a picture and my daughter walked in and asked "mom are you painting a selfportrait?" I took one look and realized the woman with the big purple hat with the long braid (which I had by the way) looked like me. Years later I read an article about a society based on that poem  I was very excited until I found out you had to be fifty years of age to join. At that point I decided to start The Purple Hat Society where is doesn't matter what age you are, because we are always growing older. I wanted this Ladies Tea Group to just remember to slow down and appreciate tea with a friend and love who they are at any age.
The Purple Hat is a reminder.
Emma 2000
Forever Purple